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Oana Ciulei

Oana Ciulei

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Melody (Zihui)

Melody (Zihui)

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A Selection

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New Artist

Dirk Dieleman

Please check out the latest addition to the site  – the ceramicist Dirk Dieleman from Belgium.


Happy New Year members, subscribers, contributers and viewers!

Hope you are all well and thriving.

We look forward to all the new contributions to the site of images and articles so feel free send anytime. Also any Sahaja Yogis that are also artists who are not on the site please send contact us.

Love from the Sahaja Yoga Arts administration team.

Enso, Zen circle, by Hakuin Ekaku Zenji (1686-1769)

Kung Fu, hard work over time to accomplish skill
A painter can have Kung Fu
Or the butcher
Who cuts meat every day with such a skill
His knife never touches bone

Learn the form
But seek the formless
Hear the soundless
Learn it all
then forget it all
Learn the way
Then find your own way

The musician can have Kung Fu
Or the poet who paints pictures with words

But do not name it
for it is like water
Nothing is softer than water
yet it can overcome rock
It does not fight
It flows around the aponent

Formless, nameless

The true master lies within
Only you can free him

From the movie: Forbidden Kingdom 2008

Picture 4

I came across this video on Youtube the other day. For all those interested in art and the direction things are going – its worth a look. I’ve seen quite a few documentaries lately on the ‘art world’ and it seems that some very significant changes are taking place;  namely a bursting of the ‘bubble’ and with it an exposure of, not only corruption, but a naked emperor. My guess is that its all over red rover for the big boys – the collectors and corrupt artists. They had better just concentrate on keeping themselves out of jail for now. It seems the proverbial helium tank is out of gas and the emperor might start wearing more fitting attire from now on.

Its easy to see that if artistic integrity was incorporated into the price of art we would see a lot of ‘ambitious’ art out there by ‘significant’ artists……… at throw away prices.

Artists of Albion


Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (left), Sir C.P. Srivastava (middle) and Anna Chicos (right).

The following is an except from an email send to me by a good friend and Sahaja Yogini Anna Chicos. Anna was recently added to this site (see the recent post below):

I spent much of the second day of Navaratri contemplating how art could be used as a weapon to open the heart. I remembered a poem I had written months before when I had arrived in England and thought I would make a card and write it down to offer to Shri Mataji in the evening. I was not expecting to read it to Her but when I entered the room She seemed to be staring straight at me and just drew me to Her. I went to Her feet and said “Shri Mataji I have written a poem. May I read it to you?” and Sir CP said “Yes , you may.” He took the card from my hands and held it in front of Her, She looked deeply at me with Her shining black diamond like eyes as I recited the following;

The Holy Virgin still sleeps
Somewhere She groans and sighs
with the distant memory
of Her ancient glory

Oh you artists of Albion
you are the ones charged with awakening Her
So She shall be again as
She once was
red golden
all light
all love

and then Sir CP said softly and with firm conviction, almost like a promise,

“And it shall be so”

and before anyone says ‘but I’m not an artist’, remember these words of William Blake,

“An artist is not a special kind of man, but rather man is a special kind of artist”

Two New Sahaj Artists

Anna Chicos

Ceramics to Anna Chicos

Matthew Cooper

Photograph by Matthew Cooper

Ceramicist Anna Chicos and Photographer Matthew Cooper are the latest additions to our site. Please check out their pages.

Meredith Cooper

One of our Artists – Meredith Cooper will be having an exhibition of her latest oil paintings along with two other Blue Mountains artists. Entitled “Landscape Transfiguration”, the exhibition will be on from the 30th October – 15th November 2009 at Braemar Gallery, 104 Macquarie Rd, Springwood NSW, Australia. Opening – 31st of October between 2-4pm.

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